Thank you to our Partner Churches for your commitment and dedication to the cause.

The following churches have provided breakfast and lunch to our volunteer staff, held canned food drives, clothing drives, provided toys, school supplies, backpacks, transportation, freezer space and additional financial contributions throughout the year.

Bethel United Methodist Church

1215 New Hope Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

Church of the Master Presbyterian (USA)

3400 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

Greater Turner Chapel African Methodist

4650 Cascade Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

Hillside International Truth Center

2450 Cascade Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30311

Hoosier Memorial United Methodist Church

2545 Benjamin E. Mays Dr, SW Atlanta, GA 30311

Greater Deliverance Baptist Church

705 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd  Atlanta, GA 30318

Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

17 Fairburn Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

2685 Barge Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

Poplar Springs United Methodist Church

5555 Cascade Rd, SW Atlanta, GA 30336

Radcliffe Presbyterian Church (USA)

286 Hamilton E. Holmes Dr, NW Atlanta, GA 30318

West Hunter Street Baptist Church

1040 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, SW Atlanta, GA 30310